Who stole a piece of my pie?


As part of out literacy unitthis term we are going to be looking at play scripts, to prepare for them writing their own and the end of term. Here, the children have a copy of ‘Who stole a piece of my pie?’ Each of them took on a part of the play and rehearsed acting it out ready for a performance in front of the whole class!

Guilty or not guilty?

Here are a few snaps from the Goldilocks on trial performance. As the foreperson of the jury found her guilty, Goldilocks was sentenced to making porridge for the bears for a whole year!

Which way will the shadow go?

During Science we have been looking at how shadows are formed and where the shadows go depending on where the light source is coming from. As we have come to the end of our light and shadow we put into practise everything we have learnt. The children created their own model out of tim foil, placed it in the sun outside and drew where the shadow was.


Here are just few of the fabulous pictures from our workshop. The children had a fantastic day working for the CSI…I think the pictures speak for themselves! Thy were all so engaged and contributed brilliantly to every task and learnt so much along the way from finger printing to footprinting, chromotography to analysing hair samples. What a brilliant day we had!

We are Authors!!

For the second year running children from year 3 have been selected to have their poems published in the Poetry Safari book. Children across West Yorkshire enter their poetry into the competition. Winners then have their poems published in the Young Writers Book. If you would like to look at your child’s work we have a copy of the book displayed in the school reception area.

Money madness


During our money topic the children worked together to solve problems, adding and taking money away, working out how much change was needed and what different coins to use. Playing shop keepers was a perfect way to get them practising!




Shadow detectives

Children carried out an investigation to find out what happens to a shadow the closer of further away the light source gets. We planned out expereiment, made predictions and then recorded our results using a table and a bar chart.

Go Team!





I was really impressed with the way the class worked together this morning. They had some pretty tricky maths problems so they worked in small groupsĀ and persevered until they cracked them!

Who dunnit?

During our topic work we have been using different techniques for gathering evidence at a crime scene. We have taken the classes fingerprints just to eliminate them from our enquires.

“Watch out!” shrieked Miss Wilkinson.

This week we have been looking at how to use speech marks correctly and where the punctuation goes when we use them. We created sentences and had to choose the write person with the right punctuation to stand in the correct place. This has been extremely useful for writing out detective stories which are such a pleasure to read!

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