Weight and mass

To get to grips with what 100g, 1kg etc, actuallyy feel like, children had these to play around with and use in weighing scales. They then had to go around the classroom and find objects to weigh.


Measure frenzy!

It’s been measure week in year 3 this week. We have been looking at measuring length, mass and capacity. The children then  using different sized containers to estimate how much liquid they thought they would hold.

Stump Cross Caverns

Here are just a few snaps from or time down the cave. The children had a cold but fantastic time exploring the caverns and asked some brilliant questions and learnt lots about how the cave was formed.

3D shapes

To help children understand the properties of 3d shapes. children had straws, wooden sticks and blue tac to create their own 3d shape. They then had to swap with a partner and see if they could say the name of the shape, how many vertices, faces and edges the shapes had. They worked super as a team!

Chocolate and Sweet rocks

During Science, we have been looking at the 3 different types of rocks and how each one is formed. To help the children understand this better, we made our own rocks using sweets and chocolate.

Our own class cave!

In art we have been looking at cave paintings. We have looked how and why cave paintings were created, as well as the meanings behind them. The children then created their own cave paintings, making sure to use only the colours that those in the Stone Age would use. They are now on display in our own class cave!

Wooly Mammoths!

Thank you to everyone who brought in a milk bottle! We really enjoyed getting our hands sticky and creating these lovely wooly mammoths. The children found them so much fun to make and everyone was thrilled with the outcome! We will continue to look at the rest of the animals from the Stone Age and hopefully create some fact files to go with them.

Who lives in a cave like this?

As part of our topic Stone Age our literacy focus this term is Stig of the Dump. We are reading it together in class and re writing different parts of the story. This lesson we looked at where Stig lives and how Barney explains his cave. Each table had a picture of a cave and they had to describe what it would be like to live in a cave, like Stig… We even got to draw on the tables!… Ssshh don’t tell Mrs Denham!


This term our PE unit is gymnastics. We will be looking at the different skills such as balance, shapes and ways to travel and the variety of ways we can link them to make actions and sequences of movement. Stay tuned for more poses!

“Hunting animals is wrong”: For and Against

The children discussed the issue of hunting animals, be it for food and survival, as our Stone Age ancestors had to or for sport and trophies. The class then had a debate and a final vote. 26 for the motion, one and one undecided!

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