Robot art

During our topic work we have looked at the artist and sculptor Terry Collier. He admires the robots of the 1950’s /60’s. He pulls apart old radios, clocks and other electrical appliances to find parts to make his sculptures. He gets most of parts from junk shops or flea markets. Today the children spent their time admiring some of is amazing work, looking out what specific objects he uses. They then had the opportunity to pick one of his sculptures and, using chalk, create a lovely drawing of his work.

What type of angle do you think?

In maths this term we have been looking at angles in shapes and comparing and describing them. This week we went out to take advantage of the lovely weather and enjoyed our angle hunt. The children could work in small groups and discuss angles within the shape and whether they thought it was a right angle, obtuse or acute.

Rise of the Robots

The children had so much fun designing and making their own robots out of junk last week! They had so many weird and wonderful ideas as well as some super cool gadgets!

The return of the Sound of Music!

Years 2 and 3 took part in their second music workshop today. This time the focus was on rhythm and beats as the children experimented with some rather unusual musical instruments.

The sound of music!

Years 2 and 3 took part last week in a music workshop. They learnt how to exercise their vocal chords and rehearsed for a part in a music marathon!

A big thank you to Mrs Pearce for organising the event for us.

Year 3’s trip

On Monday we visited Wellholme part as part of our Science trip. While we were there we carried out a few experiments. We used the skate ramp to conduct an investigation to find out how far a car would travel the further up the ramp it started. We went on a nature hunt to discover all the weird and wonderful things we could find. We also went on a magnet hunt to find all the different things we could that were magnetic, some which were rather unexpected!

Then to finish off the day after our lovely picnic in the sun, we enjoyed a game of rounders. The children loved it!

Daily mile

This week we have decided in year 3 to join in the daily mile. Yesterday was the first day we took part as we introduced it during our pe lesson. The children were very enthusiastic about it and challenged themselves to complete the distance… let’s see how many days the enthusiasm will last!

Herb garden

Im year 3 we have also planted some herbs which we are going to look after throughout this term. Hopefully, we will have some freshly grown pizza herbs by the end of the term and to celebrate we can try them out by making some delicious pizzas! 

What do plants need?

As part of our plants topic, we have been investigating what plants need in order to survive. The children then decided they’d like to carry out an investigation to see if a plant would survive with one of those necessities taken away. We’ve planted sunflower seeds in: a cup with no soil, one without water, one in a cupboard with no light, one in a fridge with no warmth, one with cling film over to limit the amount of space it has and one with all its needs. The children have predicted what they think will happen and why and hopefully we will be able to see some results before half term! Whilst we were out planting, this also gave us a great opportunity to explore the wildlife garden in this glorious weather!

Book swap

As part of our save the planet topic, we decided to hold a book swap in year 3. This was a top tip given to us by George who was busy saving the planet by lunchtime with the help of his grandpa. He explained to us that letting other people reuse things that we no longer want is a brilliant way to create less waste. The children brought in books and were given a golden ticket in return to then redeem a new book someone else had brought in. The children absolutely loved the idea of new books to look through and to be able to take home and enjoy.

Money person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

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