Music time.

This week in R.E we have been listening to music from other cultures. The children then had the chance to make their own music using a variety of instruments. Let’s just say it was a very loud afternoon!

Shape detectives

We recapped shape this week in Maths. The children worked in pairs to identify shapes from the clues given by their partner.

Tommy the tomato

As part of our Science topic, we have planted tomatoes. We have 5 different groups, where each group chose a different material to cover their plant with. These different materials included, foil, tissue paper, black paper, card and a plastic bag. The children have predicted what they think will happen and in a few weeks we will look at the plants and see which one has grown the best.

Stone Age workshop





To finish off our Stone Age topic we had an amazing company come and spend the day with us. They took us back in time to the Stone Age where the children dressed like cavemen, went hunting and built huts like people did all those years ago. Mrs Greenwood’s class joined us and the children had a brilliant day!

Well done Year 2s!

Year 2s spent the last hour of today having a well earned treat following working so hard the last couple of weeks on their SATs. The lego, felt tips and story books were out and everyone had a great time.

Roll on our trip to Countryside Live on Thursday.

Baking fun!






This week we have been learning to measure in class. We decided to put our skills for both maths and literacy together and bake and decorate some dragon biscuits. They were delicious!

Meet my dragon!

As part of our dragon topic┬áthe children were asked to design and create their own mystical dragon. When we had designed our dragons we made them using plasticine. The children had to make sure they followed their plan carefully and were only allowed to use the colours they had chosen in their design. Here are a few pictures of the children’s creations. If you would like to see the rest they are on display in the school’s reception.

Dragon on the rampage leaves peculiar gift.

Children in Year 2/3 were left shocked this morning as they found out a dragon had been into their school over the weekend and caused havoc in the classroom. Not only had it left chaos, it had also left a peculiar looking egg along with a note telling us we had to now become dragon masters…. WATCH THIS SPACE!

World Book Day

Here are a few pictures o the children on World Book Day sharing their favourite story with their partner. The children had lots of fun looking at other children’s stories and the costumes were fantastic!


To link in with our Stone Age topic, the children have been learning about Stonehenge and the reasons behind why it was built. The children then created these lovely pictures of Stonehenge with the beautiful sunset behind it.




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